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Milling department

Vertical working center "FAMUP MOD.MCX 1200-24 UT" with "SELCA 4045" digital NC, useful strokes X=1200; Y=600; Z=640 dimensions slowly of job MM 1300X620

Universal milling machine "OMV MOD.BFC1550", with SELCA 3045 control, USEFUL STROKES X=1550 MM, Y=500MM, Z=450MM. Head with two spindles: horizontal and vertical with automatic head orientation +/- 90° employed as fourth positioning axis. FAMU table revolving in continuous mode, horizontally and vertically, driven by a fifth axis.

Universal milling machine "DEBER US 140" CNC, with ECS 2301 control, useful strokes 1000X400X500.

Manual universal milling machine "BOMAC", displayed on three axes.

Vertical working center "FAMUP MOD.MCX600-24UT" with "FANUC21i" digital NC.






Turning department

Horizontal turning machine "MAHO GRAZIANO" 400 with PHILIPS 432T NC, turning diameter 490X700.

Parallel turning machine "COMEV", with CNC Z32 NC and PICO AUTO-MEMORY self-learning system. Height of drills from bench 260MM. Distance of drills 1500MM. Diameter permitted on bench 600MM. Diameter permitted on skid 380MM.

Parallel turning machine "GRAZIANO" SAG 210, working range with passage on trolley 250X1000.

Two-axis CNC turning machine "DAEWOO MOD.LYNX210LC" with CNC FANUC 21i-TA.




Rectifying department

Universal rectifier "TACCHELLA" UA1018. Height of drills 180

Tangential rectifier "ROSA" RTRC1000. Useful strokes 1100X500.

Welding department

Welder "TIG MILLER 650". Weldable materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Seam welder "C.E.A."470 A

Cutting department

Semiautomatic tape saw, cutting range 0/310

Automatic tape saw "FENDO", cutting range 0/350.

Setting gauge "BACRI" 300



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